About Me

RainGirl is a badass beta by day and a dirty lil' smut writer by night. She has an addiction to twitter and cheesecake. She also needs a 12-step-program for her lust after all the Twi-boys, but her heart will always belong to TLittle (She does not enjoy Sparkly McLeftaBitch but she does love Rob). She might say she loves all fics, but deep down her faves are smutty and slashy. She's the slashfic professional!

Favorite Authors: 

Favorite Stories:
A Beauty Within
The Trip Home
Died and Gone to Heaven
Mergers and Acquisitions
Raw and Rosy
Fortune's Fool 
The Submissive by tara sue me
The Dominant by tara sue me
The Training by tara sue me
An Introduction to Swirl and Daisy by m81170