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These are the ladies that I beta for or who've beta'd for me. Also, some of my most favorite authors who are not only talented but I'm lucky enough to call my friends :) Please stop by and give them some love!

SuperstarNanna: She may not be writing FF anymore, but her o/s are still available. Girl can write a lemon and she's so good at building characters. I always love her Alice. She's so talented and I can't wait to beta more of her OF novel!

Skeezon: My Platonic Life Partner. This woman can write a lemon like a goddess. Also, her descriptions drag you right into the thick of it all. I also can't wait to finish betaing her OF novel!

AydenMorgen: I met Ayden when she started writing Empty Panes... this story captivated me for two days. I just sat like a zombie during a school break doing NOTHING constructive but ooh and aaaahh her work. It's stunning. Rapture is just as fantastic. I adore everything she writes because her voice and word choice just sings! I would beta and preread for this woman even if I were on fire.

Ssarrah: She's not only adorable and smart, but she's also a witty writer and my grammar beta. Check her out, she's awesome! Her story makes me all swoony and happy and I am gonna guarantee she will do the same for you. Plus, she's just cool. I can email her something that blows, and she always works her magic!

ParisMyLove: Such a fun, adorable, strong lady. She writes with her heart and her funny bone. I find myself flying through her updates, then I get sad because it's gone. I do love that she's letting me beta her new story though!

TuesdayMidnight: Tuesday is just... fucking talented. Her words move you. Her characters make you crave them. Her descriptions pull you in and keep you locked away in her world. Everything she's ever written has owned me.  She's exceptionally talented and I always feel so honoured when she lets me preread for her.

Sunshinegal3: Her heart is always in her writing. She gives it her whole being and thinks and rethinks every nuance. I wish all writers dedicated this much of their selves to their work! Her stories are so filled with emotion and care. I adore being her beta and I can't wait to read more!

LeanneGoLightly: My British partner in crime. I adore her writing and her naughty sense of humour. I met this spritely little minx when Nanna and I got second place in the Forbidden Lemons Contest last year. Our o/s got second to her o/s Red Eyes and the She-wolf. It's now a multi-chapter fic and is so bloody hot! I preread a majority of it and was always blown away! She has other works too. You have to read her works, they are incredible!

AFragileLittleHuman: My first fangirl story was A Beauty Within. It seriously made my heart ache with it's poignancy and beauty. I started reviewing and realize that the author was like the author dream girl. And she wrote slash! She became a good friend and I started betaing for her. Now I beta her novels for real life. She's incredibly talented. Even though she's not writing for the fandom any longer, her stories are still available and are incredible. Please go read!

VampireistheNewBlack: So I like slash, this is not a new concept for anyone who talks to me for longer than a few minutes. I have these amazing writers that I work with and one of them is Vamp. She is not only adorable and a Kiwi, but she's WICKED smart and talented. Her slash is some of my absolute favorites.

Touchstone76: This girl is a gem. She's not only now the solo author of Merger's and Acquisitions, but she's kicking it's ass. She took a poor situation and turned it into her excelling and becoming an independent author. She has a gift for prose and for turning what could be just porn into passionate romance. It's not just about sex... don't get me wrong, the sex is great! But honestly, there is so much heart in what she writes! She's also a very talented banner maker, check her stuff out!

And the girl who made my newest banner, the ever talented, Cat- 

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