July 29, 2010

I have something to admit....

RG here.

So yeah, big fan of the FF... this week some people were kinda dissin on the ficage and that at first made me emo and sad, but then I thought... hey... RG, why you gonna let other people dictate what you like???
And ya know... I had no good answer for myself.
I've read fics that are better than books I've read that have made millions. ***coughSMcough***
and most fics DO NOT fade to black. BIIIIIG plus in my smutty little mind.
SO... I come to you and say: I LOVE FANFICTION :)
PS- the people that write are kick ass. Even if they are not the most talented, they are putting themselves out there and thats pretty damn cool and I'm not sayin' that just cos I write... truly, I've met and read some kick ass people.
Ok, I'm gonna go now.
Nanna, chime in here whenever you'd like!

One more thing:

teehee! :)


Diary of a Fan Fiction Addict said...

Seriously you KNOW FF owns and controls my life. So does ROB teehee, so hugs and kisses to you. Just forget the haters, they don't know what they are missing.

Diary of a Fan Fiction Addict said...

FYi I am still going crazy over that jasper Rob picture.

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