July 9, 2010

No lemon? Srsly?

Hi RG here again,
So yes, we like lemons... the more the bettah! BUT, I've found some stories without lemon or with little citrus and I adore them. Here are two of my absolute faves with lack o' lemon.
The first is The Weight of Words by georgeygirl http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5463683/1/The_Weight_of_Words
It's a highly intellectual story that involves TAward and Studentella. It is full of literary references especially Shakespeare, so the English nerd in me is in heaven. It also took 29, yeah no stutter here, 29 freakin' chapters to get a kiss. Now for someone such as myself, that took A LOT of good plot to get through and not be pissed. I loved it actually. gg is a PHENOMENAL writer, she doesn't have a beta. I know this because I begged to be her beta, but she doesn't need one. PinkMommyof2 and I picked her brain the other day and this story is JUST gonna get better. I am so excited to see where this story goes. It's gorgeous! If I got out of it what I think I did the other day while talking with gg, we shall be gettin' some lemonade here in a bit! :)

The other chintzy on the citrus story that I adore is The Introduction to Swirl and Daisy by m81170 http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5642262/1/An_Introduction_to_Swirl_and_Daisy
This is an innocent story where we follow Ed and Bel through Jr. high and into HS. Right now they have broken up and my heart hurts. This story is so poignant and it just grabs you by your heart and makes you laugh and sigh and swoon. There is a lot to reminisce about while reading. M is so talented with her ability to bring us all back to that awkward time of innocence and passion and intensity. Swirl makes me swoon, I'll admit it. I adore him. It's just awesomeness. AND I have a feeling it's about to heat up as well!

If you haven't read these, go forth and read. They are WIPs which you all know I hate, but I am thoroughly addicted to both and when I see their updates in my mailbox I will run to the bathroom to read when I'm at work or I'll stay up late to read them in the middle of the night... I don't care, judge away. :P
Seriously, read these stories!


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