August 5, 2010

FF-Related Confessions:

I'm a bad blogger. (TheRainGirl obviously had no idea of this inadequacy of mine when she set this up!) I don't write blog entries often, and I don't read any blogs unless someone sends me a link and says, "This is a good entry - READ THIS!" And then I do. Because I'm a pushover and do what I'm told. So, I make no promises that I will post here often, but I will do my best to remember to do so every so often, and I will whenever TRG tells me to (like she did this morning).

I'm pretty sure these pushover tendencies make me very qualified to be a submissive. Not only do I do what I'm told, I like it. : ) Hence the ridiculous number of BDSM fics I've read. P.S. I'm certain TRG would make an awesome Switch. But the cold hard truth is that I'm the bitch in the RainingSuperstar relationship. And I'm totally okay with this.

I'm completely over having to defend myself or feel like I have to hide my love of Twilight, and more specifically, of Twi FF. The drama llama has been going around over this very topic and it's just stupid. You don't have to love Twilight - no one says you do. But pretty please keep your stink eye to yourself if you don't share my love of it, okay? You looking down your nose at one of the things in my life that is silly, irreverent and fun is not at all cool. If you don't have anything nice to say, shut your pie hole.

Fozzie was conceived because of tby789's The Office. I owe my little dude to the awesomeness that is the Beautiful Bastard and the epic sexytimes that resulted from reading this fic. It makes me so sad the story is no longer available online for the newbs in the fandom to enjoy.

I've learned more about the craft of writing from reading shitty (and fantastic) fan fiction than from reading really good published original fiction.

I've become a MUCH better writer in the short time I've been working on my current fic, Cura Te Ipsum. I've learned how to write an actual plot and I know my future works will be so much stronger because of this experience.

I had no idea how much I would love slash until I accidentally read a fic that had slashy elements in it (an old kuntrygal fic). It was hot and I was surprised at how much I dug it. Then I read an awesome fic called The Forbidden Room (which is now actually a published work) and it sealed the deal for me. I love me some hot boy on boy action. My current obsession is tuesdaymidnight's spankfic Raw & Rosy. If you haven't read it, please do, then tell her TRG and I sent you, because we are obsessed with this fic and are endlessly pimping it.

Levi Lovin' was written because TRG was trying to talk me off the ledge of angst I was on over having to write lemons in an original story I was working on. She threw me off the deep end saying, "You're gonna have to get your feet wet somehow - here's a contest, you're entering it." Refer to earlier confessions to see how I responded to her bossiness.

I've flounced on tons of IP fics lately. Stories that drag onandonandonandon are not doing it for me any more. I want snappy plot, beautiful writing, excellent beta-ing, and fuckhot lemons. My life is getting too busy to waste on anything else. I think this might be cause for me to be called a ficsnob. I'm okay with this.

Any time I get a review or see that someone has nominated one of my stories for any of the awards out there, I wish I could do handsprings to express my glee. But, I'm a terminal klutz and handsprings are outside of my athletic capabilities. So instead I usually just bounce and wiggle in my chair, clap my hands and squee.

I feel a lot better having gotten some of this off my chest. Knuckles to you if you made it this far.

FYT: a little slash love

And, Kellan playing with his wood:


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