October 23, 2010

In honor of Raw and Rosy and my love, TuesdayMidnight

So I have a sad.

I have immensely enjoyed my friend TuesdayMidnight’s story about two outsiders of different breeds who collide- one arrogant and rebellious, the other a lonely genius and their explosive relationship that forms from a need for release which turns into a powerful symbiotic coupling between two strong male figures.
Raw and Rosy is beautifully erotic and scripted with a unique perspective on such a complex relationship. The characterization and plot is a fantasy mixture of romance, erotica, BDSM, and as TM so lovingly calls it Porn with Plot.
It started as a kink meme, a request by an anonymous fic-er that wanted a spankfic, someone wanted Edward to need a good punishing. TuesdayMidnight took this kinkyfuckery and brought it to the fandom with gusto, glory, and gluttonous, gratuitous eroticism. Simply primal and simply beautiful. A lust-hate relationship at it’s very best.
Jasper’s dominance and menacing sexuality is titillating and intense:
"The words came out without my really thinking them over. "I take care of what's mine. Your ass is mine now, Cullen." I ended the statement with a growl, and Edward once again responded with a flush.
"I still don't like you," he stated, but his eye twinkled as he spoke.
"I still don't like you, either," I agreed."
Another one of my favorite scenes from the complicated and delicious Spanksper:
“"Oh, God!" Edward screeched.
"The name's Jasper, you slut, but I'll allow the comparison."
I pulled out almost all the way again and thrust back in.”
Edward makes my heart thud just as much as Jasper:
The intensity of his gaze was so powerful, I almost had to look away.
I knew now, despite any previous fears, that Jasper would never intentionally hurt me.
I hardly paid attention to my own reactions. The way I whimpered and became completely unraveled was surreal. It was hard to believe that was me.

I asked my twitter followers and Twives about why they loved RnR and here are some of their responses.
NondiRochelle – “I love Raw & Rosy because its so different. Jasper in R&R is one of my favorite characters. He's so complex. Plus it’s hot. Lol”
AFragileLittleHuman- Her reaction to the first chapter- “Oh, dear God *swoon* *thud*”
She has nearly three thousand reviews, and deserves every single panting, squeeing, moaning compliment.
My absolutely favorite part (which is hard to say since the whole thing makes my heart beat faster and my pulse quicken and gets my husband laid quite often) is the kiss-
“I had never noticed before how shockingly green his eyes were. Maybe it was that the sun had finally decided to make an appearance and was streaming through the narrow window, but there they were, digging into my soul, bright and sparkling.
It was then that I realized, through all of this, that I had never kissed him. I had fucked him into oblivion. I had had my lips around his cock and my tongue in his ass. I had spanked him, paddled him, handcuffed him to his bed and had even taken a cane to his willing body, but I had never once pressed my lips to his.
But his lips were right there. Full and slightly parted, as if he was waiting for me make the first move.
I closed my eyes.
"Do you want this?" I whispered.
I could only ever give him what he wanted.
"I think so," he whispered back…
I pressed my lips to his gently. The first thing I noticed was that he tasted delicious. He was the type of guy who used chapstick, and there was a residual minty flavor on his lips that was only slightly masking his own sweet taste.
I took his bottom lip between mine and sucked slightly. It was soft and pliable and warm. I couldn't remember the last time I actually kissed someone. Did lips always feel this good?
Then he parted them slightly and my whole body reacted.
More! More! More!
I was on fire, burning with need. My dick always responded to Edward, but this was completely different from every time before.
His tongue entered my mouth and I pressed mine against it. They teased each other, pushing and pulling, giving and taking. His lips were hot and searing against mine, and I just could not get enough. My hands drifted up on their own accord and plunged into his coppery mess. I tugged a little, eliciting a moan that vibrated against my mouth, only to be stifled by my probing tongue.
His hands were clawing at my back, urging me on.
I dominated him sexually, but at this we were equals. He kissed back with equal fervor and for a moment, I just let that fire consume me.
Why had I not done this before?
His tongue continued to lap at my own. Inside my mouth, inside his mouth, our lips still moved in perfect tandem. When he would go right, I would go left, our noses never knocking, our teeth never mashing. He brought a hand up to run it through my hair as I brought my hands down, pulling him ever closer to me.
I was completely and utterly lost under his spell.
It was only when I noticed my lips were starting to go numb that I realized we were both gasping in need of oxygen. I pulled away.
"Shit," I panted, completely out of breath.
Edward had leaned his head back against the wall, his eyes were closed and he looked absolutely blissful.
"Mmm hmm," he murmured.
I needed to do something to regain control of the situation, but my mind was frozen. I just kissed Edward fucking Cullen and it was the best kiss I'd ever had. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was the best kiss I was ever going to have in my entire life. My whole body was humming.
I couldn't think of anything I could do to fix it.”
My very first reaction to this story was “*picks self up off of floor* Holy Mary Mother of Slash! You are a slashy fcuking genius and I heart you, hard. Pun intended!”
I still mean every syllable.
I will always love this story because I bonded with my friends over it. I have several lovely ladies I call my Twives or my TwiNesties and many of us love this story. We have discussions about it and picspam about it and when we all met in Las Vegas, TM updated R&R. I can remember sitting with five of my closest friends at a bar at the NY, NY Casino all reading it on our phones.
I even sat on the floor of my dear sweet SuperstarNanna’s living room with her and read over her shoulder chapter 16. We both had stupid grins on our faces and left a joint review.
Spanksper and Assward, as they are so lovingly called by the fandom, are beloved and incredible and will be missed. We still have the outtakes and R&R Revisited to enjoy though.
Viva la Spankfic!
Love you TM! Thank you for sharing your boys with us.
PS- If you'd like to leave a review or a good-bye to TM and her boys, please do! We'd love to hear what you think of the story as well!


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