April 3, 2011

Need Jacob and Edward Slash?

Then step right on up to If Only by SadTomato

Sweet baby jebus this is a good story.

I first ran into it via KellyProvence. She said it would do me right, when I was lookin' for something angsty. It is indeed angsty in the beginning. Then it turns FUCKawesome. Stress on the FUCK important here.
It starts out slow and awkward...

confusing and intense... the intensity doesn't let up and it just grows!

Slashy goodness all over this thing. Don't get me wrong... there is emotion, there is plot, there is connection!

And then there's bangin', hard. :)

And you know how Rain like her slash hard yes? Mmmmm... ST did not disappoint here my friends.

But overall, this story just grips your heart and makes you smile and all swoony. Seriously good people.

If you are looking for something emotional and hot, please go check here out.


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