May 25, 2011

Torn 6: Fenzy

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I did not want to attack, but yet, I did.

My mind is fuzzy, but I remember much of it.

The smell of them draws me into a craze. My vision is hazy and clouded. All I can feel is this need, this thirst. A craving that takes over inside my body that I cannot control and even when I tear into that first obese man with too much flannel on, looking into his eyes before I rip out his neck, I know it’s wrong. But, I don’t care.

The sweet, warm, pungent liquid rushing passes my lips and teeth cures me. The ache inside me that I thought was fear and loneliness is gone. Vanished is the tickling prickle of thirst.
The first body is drained quickly and I whine as I drop him to the ground. Licking my lips, not wanting to waste a drop, I look quickly for more and see James pinning an unconscious one to the ground. He makes a come-hither motion with his fingers and a warm, happy feeling pulses throughout my body. The feeling grows and makes me smile. James will take care of me. He’ll give me what I need.

As I approach, I see the man has not been touched, yet. James smiles broadly and pulls me by my arm down to him, kissing my temple. Still clad only in jeans and my lacy, satin bra, I honestly have no desire to cover up. He leans forward, his eyes roaming my chest then up to my eyes, his nose touching my ear. “This is for my girl. Take him. Enjoy. I want to watch you,” His voice rumbles in my ear. The idea of him watching me makes me feel hot throughout my insides.

I should be disgusted by his encouragement to kill, by the actions of those around me, by my own behavior, I know this, but I’m not. The voice in my head from earlier tells me what I’m doing is not allowed, but I can’t help what I want. The need is too much.

This feeling from my stomach, the warm, lovely, driving feeling continues to spread. I have this strange urge; need to do whatever James wants me to do. I must make him proud. And I must feed.

The small voice in the back of my mind is begging me to run, but this more dominant side of me keeps me here. And I do feed. On the man James had given me and two others after that. I can’t get enough. My mind is focused solely on getting more. Tearing open the flesh of my sustenance, I feel it in my bones, if I do not feed, if I do not take from them, I will certainly die. Nothing can stop me from saving myself, until I feel it. Him. I feel the eyes of judgment and disgust land upon me as I drop the carcass of the last man I’d fed from. The body dropping like a rock into water, a small thump then nothing.

As I look upon him, this familiar stranger with the angry, sad eyes, James comes to me, to protect me. His body language shows me to be afraid of the man standing in the trees. This man wants to hurt me, to hurt us.

“Bella?” I hear the man say quietly. I thought I was Isabella, but the way he looks at me.... he knows me? I’m afraid. He looks like he could kill me. My instinct is to fight or flee.

James says we need to leave. I agree. He says we can go hunting again. I want to hunt.

The beautiful, mad man in the trees steps forward and calls to me again, but James refuses to move away from me and I’m thankful for his protection. While I have a curiosity, an attraction to the stranger, I also fear him. Something tells me he does not like me.

“Get away, Cullen. She has no interest to you. She’s bound to me, I’m her maker. You abandoned her!”

He abandoned me. The stranger did not want me. He does not want me. James wants me.

“Bella. I did not abandon you. I didn’t think you were alive! You don’t have to kill. Come with me! We can fix it. I can fix you,” I hear the man with the sad eyes shout over James’ growling.

I do not feel like I need to be fixed. The need to flee is pressing against me harder and harder like the weight of a thousand anvils. Something has to break and I don’t want it to be me. I can feel James’ body shaking and the man in the trees now looks like he’s ready to attack. I do not want to be attacked. I want to hunt.

“I love you, Bella,” are the last words I hear before I run. He loves me? Why? He doesn’t look like he loves me. James will protect me. I can find James’ partner, she will help me.

“Stay away from me.” I say as I turn and run. Neither chases me. I pick up the scent of the red-head that will hopefully help me find food. I want to go to her. Yes, she can help me.

Running as fast as I can, I focus all of my energy in trailing her by her sweet scent along the air, soon I catch up to her. She’s very angry and lashes out at me, but I evade her. I’m strong. Stronger than her, but she’s faster than me. I overtake her though, when she tries an elaborate jump between two old trees and I’m able to pin her. She’s spitting and hissing like a wet cat and I don’t know what to do with her now that I have her. All my instincts say to claim her, she’s weaker and I should control her. Suddenly, James and blood are not the only things that make my body hum. I forget my thirst. There is a new craving swirling in the pit of my stomach.

With my shins pinning her thighs, I lean down and push my lips to hers. At first she fights me, pushing with her entire body against me. This does not deter me in the slightest. My body holds her firm to the ground, her flaming curls sprawling everywhere as she thrashes about. She’s growling, and so am I, a sound I’ve never heard come from me before. I want nothing more than to take her and dominate her. She flails beneath me, spurring me on more, but then the rage subsides and she kisses me back. Her tongue slides into my mouth, probing deeply and I reciprocate with delight.

After a few moments of this pull and push between us, I allow her to roll us over, submitting my strength to her. I wanted to hunt, but I feel like I’ve found another thing I want.

“I see now why James wanted you, pet,” she coos in a soft voice as she sits back against a tree running a soft hand from my brow down my cheek to my neck, stopping just above my breasts. I rise to a sitting position between her legs willing to give her whatever she wants. When I look into her eyes, I see that she wants me as well, but something is holding her back. Her eyes flicker away from mine to something above me.

“Now this is what I wanted to see. My girls, getting a long.” James saunters toward us, his jeans riding low on a perfect v-shape beneath his hips.

“Has the problem been taken care of?” James nods to her. This makes me happy. I don’t want problems. I want to feel good. “Well dear James, now that you have this little one, what do you plan to do with her?” the red-hair beauty says lightly while she toys with the lace covering my chest.

“She’s mine just like you are, Victoria. We’re tied. All of us. What would you like to do with her? Anything you need?”

“I don’t need her,” she seethes glancing from him to me. Could she tell him to get rid of me? I can’t be alone. I need them.

I look back at Victoria from my position between her legs. “I want to go with you. Please?” I say before I realize.

She chuckles, “Fine, little one. You can play for a bit, but do not forget that he is mine. My mate.” I nod and we both stand. James moves between us, his hand on my hip. “Victoria, you will always be mine.” He kisses her along her jaw as her head dips backward. “And you Isabella, you are an excellent addition to our little family. You will be ours. You are ours to do with as we please.” He tightens his grip along my back pulling me toward him, his hip digging into my stomach, not painfully, but I’m aware of his body.

Acutely aware.

I want him. I need him. Something inside of me must consume him and give myself to him. I can’t understand this feeling and I don’t want to, I just want to feel. Without realizing my movements I’m pressing my lips to his, my mouth open, willingly pulling his tongue into my mouth. Another hand slides along my bare torso, scraping long fingernails from my bra to my jeans and back again. Soon, I have two mouths contending for mine and the delicious feeling in my stomach, the one from when I fed, is circling and growing throughout me.

“Take me.” I say in a voice not my own.

“You are already ours. You’ll always be his, Isabella. He made you, he owns you. Just like he owns me.” The soft voice of Victoria soothes my craving only slightly. Her words don’t make sense, but they calm me. I am not abandoned or alone. I belong. They want me.

My jeans move past my hips and I step out of them. My eyes are so blurred with this heated need to consume, to take. I grip James by his hair and drag his mouth back to mine as I feel Victoria taking my bra off. My other hand brushes against her breast and I massage the hard, smooth planes of her body. She moans at my touch and it spurs me on. James is pawing at my chest, gripping and pinching and it is creating more heat throughout my body, like I’m slowly being set on fire in an incredible way. Every move either of them make is pushing me toward something I want. But there is a feeling, a nagging emotion that I can’t put a name to and it’s drawing my eyes toward the brush and trees to our left.

I feel a hand, whose I’m not sure, brush against the apex of my thighs and I groan and tip my head back. A mouth suckles at the base of my throat while another moves along my abdomen. When that lower mouth makes contact with my sex I growl and gasp.

“Shhh, pet, just feel. Let yourself have what you want,” the soft voice soothes me. Deep inside it feels as though a taut rubber-band that’s been pulled and pulled over and over again is finally snapping.

My eyes close, blocking out the vision of angry gold eyes that seem to be watching me from inside my mind. I push it all away and just feel. Giving into my instincts feels right.

Licks and strokes, sucking and biting. It’s as if they cover every inch of my body and I want more. I need more. My eyes bounce along the tree line then back to the beings pleasuring me and I can’t concentrate on anything but more. More.

I hear a giggle from between my legs, I’ve said this out loud and Victoria is pleased. This causes me to smile into James’ mouth as he kisses my lips and cheeks. “I’ll give you more, my sweet,” she says huskily. Then she plunges her fingers inside me and moves them fast while she continues to lick and bite at my body. I look up to James who is no longer kissing me. His eyes are trained on Victoria. His smile is tender, sweet. I grab his hand and pull him to my side, pushing his jacket off his arms. “More.” I say again. He smirks and begins his assault on my breasts once again.

“And you shall have it,” he swears to me. “I will give you everything.”

Pulling and tugging, warm and pulsing, this feeling radiates from my stomach into my chest then throughout my body. This amazing, delectable rush filled with heat and sparks pulses out and I grip Victoria’s hair in one hand and the back of James head in another as I climax hard. I’ve never felt like this before. This crescendo of powerful pleasure is better than when I drained those men. It’s new and scary, but it’s also amazing and I want to do it again as soon as its waves cease.

“Aw, our little one is pouting,” James says as he pulls Victoria up to him.

She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and touts, “Remember when you were a newborn, James? It was all blood and sex, blood and sex.”

“We will always be newborns then, my dear.” He smiles and kisses her hard. He hums in pleasure and when he pulls away, looking at me. “You taste incredible, Isabella. Next time, I get to try you, yes?” I nod eagerly. I want that now.

He smiles again and says, “Patience.”

He hands me my pants. Pouting again, I shake my head. “Clothes will just get in the way,” I say flatly. I don’t want to put on clothes. I want to do what we just did again. Lots of times.

“I know, sweetheart, but we must go into town and track more to eat. You want to feed don’t you, little one?”

“Yes.” I say with a smile. The prickle is back at my throat with vengeance now that he’s said something. “I’m thirsty.”

Victoria slips my bra onto my arms then offers to fasten it for me. Her movements are gentle and almost maternal, nothing like the vicious opponent from earlier.

“Can we go to find more hunters now? I can find more, I know I can. I found Victoria.” I say enthusiastically. The idea of hunting spurs a great pleasure inside my body.

She kisses my shoulder then takes off running. “You’ll be a lovely decoy to draw in the pathetic, little cows, but don’t you dare think you’re better than me, pet!” I hear her yell behind her.

James brings me in for a deep kiss, it’s strange but addictive and I need more of them. Against my lips he says, “You are better than her. Just don’t tell her that.” He pats my ass and off we run.

James and I pursue our fast, feisty red-head together, laughing as we go. The trees are a blur of brown and green, the smells mixing together, moist and alive. Desire pumps through me as my legs pound along the dirt and foliage. Moving forward is imperative, but I feel like I’m running away from something important. I know there is blood in front of me and I know I want that more than anything. Well, almost anything.

I hope after our next meal, we will have dessert again.

E/N- *peeks out from behind very large blockade* Don’t hate me... it’s all part of the story. Remember, she’s a newborn! Lust and instinct, that’s all she’s running on and she’s at the mercy of those around her since she’s not who she once was.

Recs- If you aren’t reading Falling Empire of Love by HoochieMomma_ put that on your list. Arthurian Knightward and Roman Bellona = *SIGH*
Also, Dragonflies by 22blue makes me all twitterpated and happy. I smiled so hard over her first chapters, my cheeks hurt!

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