June 14, 2011

So, you know that fic with the bazilionaireward... New fic from @ltlerthqak

So you know that fic where Edward is a bazillionaire and can buy Bella anything and everything is perfect? 
Yeah, this isn't that fic.


by ltlerthqak

Edward is a doorman along with several other gentleman, and they're all supposed to be Anthony, wear the same outfit, do the same job, and be completely indiscernible from the other. He is not an individual... he's an Anthony. He has a job, he does his job. He stole my heart from the moment I met him. He's a blue collar worker just trying for something better. Carlisle Cullen promised him more money, stability, and security... all he had to give up was his identity.
But then one day, trailing behind the spoilt Alice Cullen, comes in a beautiful brunette. This brunette makes eye contact, speaks to him like a human, and makes him feel for once, that he is a real person again.
Then she's gone.
No lemons yet, and I don't even care if there are some! I know! That just doesn't happen very often with me, huh?
Go check it out. Doormanward will open the door to your heart. *snort* See what I did there? LOL No, seriously, go read! Tell her I sent you!


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