October 26, 2011

What should you be reading? Mowgliward by @vampiremama

I'm so glad you asked!

Yes, you read me right.
A Beautiful Savage by ReadingMama
So I'm sitting around one night talking to JadaPattinson about fetishes, weird fics, and crackfic. She says, "Have you read Beastward?" And my response was kinda like this:
But then I read it.
I shant be doubting Jada again any time soon.
There was love and pain and passion and laughter. A beautiful boy lost. A feisty girl found.
He's survived incredible odds, made a family, and even though he was feral, he had a heart of gold. His tenderness was immense and her overwhelming love melted my heart.
I loved that VampireMama didn't let her Bella roll over and die. I hate that dying swan aspect of fic. Y'all know that. I also don't like when authors put RIDICULOUS constraints on their characters or put them in dire situations, turn up the heat, add some more angst and then poke you in the eye because they think it will help their reviews. VM is not like that. She wrote from her heart and even though there is some serious angst, there is also this under current of kindness, tenderness, and beauty.
Edward may have been raised by wolves, but he has more humanity and compassion than most.
Bella may have been abandoned and hurt, but she never gives up.
Bella and Edward are working through a lot, more than you could imagine, but then in their quiet moments... oh their intimacy! Not just the smut... ooooh is there smut. And it's freakin' hot! But beyond the toe-curling smut, there is this connection. You guys know me, I always love when the emotions overtake the fucking. :)
And, VampireMama, if you happen to be reading- Jacob broke my heart. I love that character! Can he please go live with Bella and Edward?! I'm sure he can be house trained!!!

If you love a heartwarming fic with enough angst and lemon to keep you coming back for more, A Beautiful Savage is just up your alley... err, forest.
Just go read it!

Tell her Rain sent ya!


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