December 15, 2011

To Honour and Obey another Twi Kink Fest Submission!

To Honour and Obey

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A/N: Thank you to Sunshinegal3, JadaPattinson, and my husband.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but a dirty mind. I solemnly swear I am up to no good.
Warnings: This has some light BDSM, nothing crazy, I promise. Rated M for mature spanking good times.

Prompt: Edward and Bella are in a consensual Domestic Discipline relationship, with Edward being the Head of Household. Bella's gotten herself into some trouble. That's all there is to it.

"I'm sorry, sir."

"Sorry?" His eyes are wide, the green nearly gone, hidden by his pupils.

Nodding my head, I lower my eyes. "Yes, I was rude earlier. I yelled because I was angry at myself. I am sorry, sir." My gut told me I should've gone to the gym rather than coming straight home. I knew I would need to expel all the negativity from my staff meeting, but I didn't heed my own warning. I had yelled when he came in with mud on his shoes. I had a bad day, it rained all morning, I forgot my briefcase at the office, and then I had just mopped the floors after the dogs had tracked in mud when he walked in.

"You should be." I should be. I had no right to yell at him and I was ashamed of myself.

I lowered my eyes and bowed my head as he stroked my leg from knee cap to hip.

"You are so beautiful. Even when you are insubordinate, you are beautiful."

I don't nod, don't look up as I sit on the couch with him standing above me. I just wait.

Out of the corner of my eye, I feel him move beside me.


I oblige and position myself over his thighs.

I feel his hand trace from the crown of my head, softly down my back and over the curve of my ass. 

Then it's gone.


"You were bad."

"Yes, sir."


"You yelled at me."

"Yes, sir."


"Do you yell at me?"

"No, sir." We have rules, and I broke them. My body responds to his hands, but my mind is still reeling from the shame of my behavior.

He drags his fingers down my back, causing a million little bumps to rise to the top of my chilled skin. My ass is burning from his palm, but I relish in the sting. I deserve it.


I lean back, sitting on my heels beside him and unzip his pants, then with the hand that is not bracing my weight, I pull out his cock.

As I lick the tip, he brings his hand down again between my thighs, causing me to moan. He then runs his fingers over my clit, back and forth.

I suck him into my mouth, feeling him hit the back of my throat as he strikes me again with his palm.

He rotates between spanking me and rubbing my clit roughly, again and again as I suck and lick along his dick. His hips buck harder as he chases his release and I bring him deeply into my mouth nearly gagging.

When he cums he grips my hair, and I hope that he will give me the relief I want. I need.

He drags me by my hair across his knee again and immediately drop his hand to my ass, sliding his fingers along the raw skin and down to my pussy.

The pads of his fingers move in a circular motion along my lips, adding slightly more pressure every time he rotates until my lips are open and he is deftly shifting along my clit with every pass.

I can't help myself and begin to rock back into his hand seeking out more friction, but he stops and his other hand comes down against my ass, hard.

Yelping in surprise, I shift back to put my head on my hands, trying to relax my body like he wants. He spanks me again, only not as hard, and then continues his ministrations.

Over and over his fingers pass just a touch lighter than what I want. He has me mewling into my hands. My arms are shaking with the pressure of holding myself up and the agonizing, barely there pleasure. 

Once again he has me pushing back into his hand.

"Wanton little bitch."

Once again his hand stops its movement, and I curse myself. Feeling his arm reach around me, his forearm comes to rest under my throat, his hand grips my outer shoulder.

"There are rules in our home. You disobeyed me." He holds my shoulder tightly. "Do you want to be in charge?" I shake my head. "You think you will head this home better than me?" Again I shake my head. 

"Then you need to show me the respect I deserve. Will you be good?"

"Yes, sir." The sir cuts off when he pulls his forearm up into my throat causing me to arch my back, jutting my ass into the air. He begins again with the spankings with renewed fervor. I try to relax, but every third smack is directly between my legs, hitting just below my clit and causing me to tense everywhere.

I can feel the burn all along my ass cheeks and upper thighs where he strikes over and over. A lovely coil is wrapping tightly in my stomach as he punishes me for my rude, sullen behaviors.

I feel it tightening inside me, about to snap.

"You disappointed me." His voice is stern and soft, his mouth above my ear. Without warning, my body sinks into his hold and I weep. I sob into his arm, my tears dropping onto his skin. The release is perfect and I feel lighter as my cries wane. His strikes slow once again into drifting circles along my clit and backside.

Using my own wetness, he enters my ass slowly, his middle finger I suspect, long and slow. I can feel his thumb brushing my clit over and over with each entrance. He keeps a slow, rhythmic pace, never quite giving me his full pressure.

Within minutes, I am writhing again and trying to stay quiet, just small whimpers escape me as I bite down on my bottom lip. My tears are drying on my cheeks, my lashes still wet and turning cold as they touch the skin near my eyes.

"Give me what I want." His command pours over me like honey. He pushes harder into me, flicking the pad of his thumb across my clit with more pressure and the coil snaps. I cum hard against his hand, my entire body tensing and then releasing until I'm merely a puddle lying across his lap and arms.

"My beautiful girl. So responsive." A small slap on my ass reminds me of where I am. Straightening as best I can on loose, warm legs and arms, I settle myself on all fours, my shoulders back and head down.

He picks me up by wrapping his arms around my ass and chest and deposits me back on the couch, still on all fours.

"You paid your penance well, my love."

Hearing his praise lightens me. I keep my head down, but I cannot keep the smile from my face. He trails a finger from my shoulder down my spine, feather soft, down the complete length until he arrives at my ass. He then palms each cheek in his hands, squeezing the tender flesh with enough pressure to make me moan.

"What do you need, pet?" His lips are against my ear. I feel his hand pull my hair out of the way and he licks gently along my ribs, slowly making his way to my hip where he bites me hard. I yelp and he says softly, "If you tell me what you want, I might just give it to you."

"Fuck me... please," I whimper as he drags his tongue from one ass cheek to the other and bites my other hip. Realizing he's now kneeling behind me, I lean back on my heels to feel him. His thighs align with mine and he rubs his cock along my lips, up and down, slowly.

"Please. Please. Please," I mumble over and over, begging him to give me his cock. I feel his body against mine, but he does not enter me.

"Since you asked so nicely." With that he thrusts into me, jarring my body with a sharp surge of pain mixed with pleasure. I spread my knees as far as I can with my feet trapped between his knees. I push myself back into him as he pushes forward, so hard that I feel his sac smack against my clit.

Everything feels that much better as the sting of my ass presses into his warm hips. I know I'll be sore tomorrow, but I don't care in the least. I push back harder, feeling his dick hit deep inside me. I moan louder and he rewards me with a tight tug on my hair. "Tell me, baby."

"S-so good. More, please," I beg, lowering my head to my hands on the couch and raising my ass to allow him more access.

"My girl wants more." He leans forward to drag his tongue along my spine as far as he can reach. "She asks so nicely." His hand drifts along where his tongue was going.

He moves in the opposite direction landing on my puckered hole, pushing slightly as he rotates his finger. He drags his finger down further and I sigh at the loss. Collecting moisture where his dick is still slowly, deeply pushing into me, he brings his fingers back to my asshole and slowly pushes in again. It burns, but it doesn't hurt. Moaning louder, I push against his finger and cock, seeking out more, but he knows. He always knows better than me.

"Tsk. Impatient girl. If you don't behave, you won't get your reward."

I bite my lip and press my forehead into the couch to keep my begging to a minimum as I hear him sucking on his own fingers. Again he rubs along the sensitive skin between my pussy and asshole, dragging his wet fingers up and pressing slowly into me. Widening my legs, I try to encourage him. I want him deeper, I want him all over me, inside and out. I'm his and I want him to take me entirely.

Soon he's fucking me thoroughly with his dick and fingers and I'm a shaking mess. The edge is so close, I feel the tightening in my stomach; the low, frenzied feeling all along my nerves. He knows I'm close, but he's edging me along, slowing down as my body convulses and pulling me back from the ledge. It's near painful as he pushes me closer with his body then pulls me back from the precipice.

"My sweet, sweet girl," he murmurs into the air filled with our groans and sighs and the smell of sex and sweat. "Give it to me."

His body is pushing and pulling in a rhythmic torture, playing my body perfectly. Sliding the hand from my hip that had been holding me into place down to my clit, he begins sliding his fingertips over the swollen skin, pushing ever-so-slightly. Just a few passes of his fingers and I cum hard-harder than I have in a long time-giving me yet another release. White streaks blind me as I clench my eyes against the tight pleasure coursing through every nerve and muscle within me. I know I scream, but I don't know what I say.

Limply collapsing onto the couch, I feel my body molding into the leather.

He moves away, but I don't know where. I keep my head tucked into my arm, recovering my breath.
A warm, wet touch soothes my flesh along my backside. He is taking care of me. He always has and always will. Rubbing softly, he removes traces of our release and the heat uncurls the tight muscles in my legs.

"The bath is running, my love."

I lift my head with a shy smile and he leans down to kiss me.

"I love you."

"I love you, too," I respond. "And I'm sorry."

"Forgotten." His fingers drift from my cheek to my little white gold chain around my neck, fingering the little diamond heart at the hollow of my throat.

He helps me sit up slowly, then gets me to my feet to walk me into the bathroom.

"We have about an hour-and-a-half until our reservations at seven. My mom and dad messaged when I was on my way home saying they may be a few minutes late." I nod and smile as I sink into the warm tub filled with lilac and chamomile oils. "Your clothes are set out. I'm going to go shower. Be ready at six-thirty."

He kisses me again softly and I smile knowing I will always be taken care of.


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