February 5, 2012

Holding Sam by MeraNaamJoker @in_purdah

When HoochieMomma_ told me to read a Bella/Sam fic I scoffed. Bella and Sam? Well that doesn't work now does it? Bella and Edward, of course. Bella and Edward and Jasper, absolutely. Bella and Alice, please, yes. Man, Bella gets around! But those were all pairings that I loved to read. I've even read a Bella/Carlisle once, but when she realized she slept with Carlisle and his son, Edward, I was out.
I figured Sam with Bella would probably squick me out too since, well, Sam is Sam... he's like the Carlisle of the wolves, right?
This is a canon take at what would happen to Bella if Edward left her behind like in New Moon, but didn't come back. What if it had taken Sam a while to find Bella, and Bella and Sam were int he woods just a little while longer after having been attacked by Victoria? Just a few slight changes in the first part of New Moon and you have a totally different story. And the best part? It makes COMPLETE sense.
Sam is wounded by his transition. Although he is the key to the wolfpack, he's the leader or alpha... he's alone. Through a chain of events with just a different perspective, we find that Bella and Sam are very much in need of each other. 
The healing that begins within the confines of kindness and friendship is astounding and my heart was very much bleeding by the end of the fifth chapter. It was so beautiful though. 
And Sam is a true-to-the-book Sam. He's just a 19-year-old kid thrust into a massively abnormal world and struggling to keep himself, his tribe, and all of his responsibilities in check, and this now includes the hunted, wounded, terror-seeking Bella.
This story is fraught with emotional turmoil, but it is also filled to the brim with hope and humanity. When you are so completely broken, your heart and soul shredded in front of you, it might not be right to be put back together by the one who broke you... 

Sometimes having someone else with bloody, jagged edges find the right pieces to hold you together. Maybe another like yourself is all you need to become whole.
I would recommend this story for anyone who is in need of a good emotional, angst-fest with some amazing prose, fantastic canon characters, and a beautifully real story within SMeyer's fantasy world of vampires and wolves.

Go take a look and tell @in_purdah I sent you :D - Rain


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