September 22, 2012

Moving on up... and out.

I know it's been entirely too long since I've done anything with the smutblog. I do apologize.
Since last I updated a lot has happened. I have two stories published, Happy Hour and Fair Puckled, and my novel Downpour will be out this winter :D
Also, I'm expecting a little boy in January! We were told we couldn't have our own children, so we're beyond excited!
In light of all these changes, some things have fallen by the wayside sadly. I don't have a lot of time to read fic while editing so I've not been able to recommend a lot. I'm still working with Indie Fic Pimp though and will continue to recommend when I can.
If you'd like to follow my author account, my website is I'm also on twitter @bellaleone.

I'd love for you guys to follow me along this new chapter. I'll still be on @theraingirl4 chatting and enjoying the fandom, but this blog is essentially closed.
Thank you for all of you who have followed, read, and reviewed over the years. I look forward to writing more and hearing what you guys think!

Happy reading, loves!


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