July 8, 2010

Greetings and Salutations Fic Friends!

RainGirl here- *waves*
I was sitting around the other day thinking about how awesome my friend SuperstarNanna is and how much I appreciate her and love her writing... I started thinking about how I should tell her this.
I was thinking I could just give her a ring and squee at her, but she had a migraine, so squeeing would have gotten my ass kicked via Verizon. SOOOO I was twattering and my girl FicPusher (her link is at the bottom) was fangirling over her friend Waywardgirl and the kickass job she did on her site. She also said that Way liked to help others and WHAM! Wake me up before ya go-go, I found myself planning a freakin' surprise ILY blog all incognito and shit.

This intro is dedicated to my girl, my writing buddy, my partner in crime- SuperstarNanna whom I adore and worship just like Photocob!
This site will be a forum for us to talk about all our fave fics, books, and well, pretty much anything smutty! We enjoy smut, if you enjoy smut, keep reading... if you do not, how the hell did you get here? As Eminem says, "Back the fuck up, bitch!"

We look forward to your comments, enjoy!

Here's a lil' 80s acid wash levi lovin' for my girl Nanna!


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