July 8, 2010

Raw and Rosy by TuesdayMidnight

Raw and Rosy by TuesdayMidnight
This is one of the naughtiest and loveliest fics I've read, not just slash, but yes, it's an awesome slash!
When you read things like-
I was turning into a fucking girl, and I didn't like it.
I needed to take out my aggression.
By Friday afternoon, I had had enough. I found him right before last period and slammed him face first up against his locker.
"What the-?" he started, until he turned slightly and saw it was me. "What do you want?" His voice was cool.
"I want you, you little whore," I whispered low enough that no one else could hear.
Edward tensed in my grasp.
"I want to bend you over, and make your perky little ass sing for me again," I continued.
This time, he blushed.
I was starting to become addicted to that blush.
There is just something so raw and hot about Spanksper and he just makes you want to bend over... or pull up a chair and watch! I love it!
While recently in Vegas I had a half dozen girls reading this fic with me, we were litralee sitting at a bar in Vegas reading it on our phones when it updated. There are only five chapters but let me tell you... it's awesome. And we can't wait for more! If you are looking for an easy entry (pun intended) into slash, this is a great one that's not super aggressive, but there is aggression. It's the perfect combination of smut and snark. It's also just beautiful to read. Kudos to TuesdayMidnight. We loooove this story! It Pwns us!

If you haven't gotten the chance to read R&R please do and tell TM that we said MOAR PLEASE!!!! :)


A little Jackson love to get ya in the mood! *muah* Rain :)


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