September 29, 2010

My day sucked, how was yours?

Spilled hot coffee on myself- check, spilled lunch on myself- check, taught an ornery dillhole- check, dumped coffee on my self- check, sat on my water and looked like I wet myself- check, burned my fingers- check, ran leg into desk repeatedly- check, getting sick again- check, all alone at home- check, brain fried- check.
Oh and I'm typing one handed cos I just slammed my finger in my closet door.

I did get a job offer but it alone has me totally freakin out and I feel like I can't make a good decision without my hubs and my BFFs Season and Nanna who are all incommunicato at the moment. I've gotten some good advice, but I would like to hear from the rest of the family as well KWIM?

I also got this rec in AydenMorgen's A/N yesterday and I just read it today which did help-
Inamorata by TheRainGirl
– Peeperward and Stripella. It's cute. It's hot. It's awkward at times. I have no words for how much I adore this story and its author. Seriously one of my favorites of all time and so tragically under-reviewed.

It's nice to know people dig it and my readership went through the roof. Tis nice. I am off to sleep off this shittastic day.

May the force and the slash be with you.

PS- Nanna, you have a lot of blogging to do missy. Your people miss you!


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