September 18, 2010

My new fave slashy...


Mergers and Acquisitions.... wow.

Okay so Touchstone67 and Domward's Mistress have teamed up to write a JPoV and EPoV respectively and it is FUCKawesome.

I describe it lovingly to my ficfriends as Pretty Woman meets Twilight and has Brokeback babies.

This story has it all.
Yes, of course there is smut and lemonrific good times, BUT it also has this incredible emotional undercurrent that grips your heart and pulls you along kicking and screaming and at other times you are scrolling so fast your eyes hurt and your wrist is aching like you are doing something else.

As soon as he was gone, I went back to the shower, letting the hot water soothe my muscles that ached from the various positions he had put me in. Jacob was, without a doubt, the best lover I had ever had, not that I had many to compare him too but he was definitely experienced and very talented.

Even though, I still wasn't fully satisfied. I wanted my shower fantasy, which he had tried to give me but it still wasn't right, it wasn't what I wanted.

Or rather, who I wanted.

I wanted blond waves bouncing as water rolled down lean shoulders.

I wanted blue eyes staring up at me through thick lashes.

I wanted full lips locked around my cock.

Stepping out of the shower, I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed for the desk in the bedroom, powering on my laptop as I grabbed the card for Denali Escorts out of my wallet. I typed in the web address, butterflies forming in my stomach as I clinked on the link titled 'View Our Models'. Laughing a bit at the term 'model', I wondered why they had chosen to pretty up the term 'escort', although it was better than 'hooker'. A list of men and women appeared on my screen with a small thumbnail picture next to a name and age.

Ivana: age 22

Brittany: age 21

Michael: age 24

Jasper: age 20

Natasha: age 19

I scrolled through the names and pictures, searching for anyone that fit the description I desired. Finally, I came back around to the unique name of Jasper. They apparently used aliases to keep their identity private.

I couldn't tell much from the thumbnail they had posted next to his name. Clicking the image, I couldn't contain my gasp of shock when a large photo loaded on my screen.

It was him.

These little tugs at your curiosity and heart strings make you whimper and whine while you read. I find myself, especially when Jasper is recalling his childhood, just swallowing hard over and over trying to will away the sadness.
My parents had brought me to church when I was young, teaching me about God, Heaven and the power of prayer.

I didn't pray.

I didn't believe in God.

And if there was a Hell, surely I was in it.

It's the same when Edward talks about his family's expectations of him:

Sadness clutched my heart, battling the happy swell as it felt ready to burst from the conflicted emotions.

My parents had given me everything, and I could not disappoint them by being gay. It was to be my secret alone, something I would have to bury deep inside me, denying myself the pleasure of another's touch and love.

I was expected to graduate, go to college, work for my father, get married, have children and start the vicious cycle all over again. I would do what I was expected to do.

It really hurts to think about what Esme and Carlisle and even Alice put Edward through and what he allows himself to be put through in this story. He is truly the martyr for the good of his family and it's beautiful and painful and frustrating. You know why he does it, but you always wanna slap him a few times.
The same with Jasper. He's so damaged, but so striking in his strength. All the things he's gone through. He finds solace in these compelling supporting characters- Riley, then Peter, and he finds his paradise lost in Edward. You know where he belongs, but you see he can't quite get there. There is always something stopping him and you know why he doesn't go after it just like with Edward, but you still want to smack them. Then hug them.

The lemons are pretty damned awesome too, here's just a snippet of one of my faves that had me panting like a dog in heat:

His trembling turned into full blown shaking as he gripped my hips so hard I was sure I would have bruises, he stayed completely still for several moments before his hands finally loosened, his eyes meeting mine again and the look they held was positively feral.

Fusing his mouth to my neck once more, he rocked his hips, sliding out most of the way before slamming into me again, my breath leaving me in a rush at the brutal movement. It all felt so damn good. Wrapping both of my arms around his neck, I held on to him tightly, keeping us so close together that my cock would need absolutely no stimulation from his hand as his hard stomach rubbed against it and his cock hit my prostate with every deep thrust.

"You feel so fucking good,, so good," he grunted, his lips finally reaching mine again. Our tongues twisted as his hard thrusts continued, bringing me closer and closer to the sweet release I craved so terribly. There was no way I was going to last long, my muscles already tensing repeatedly as my rigid erection left a slick trail of precum on us.

"Don't stop...don't...ever...fucking...stop," I babbled, rolling my hips to meet his thrusts.

"Never," he vowed, sliding his hands up to my ribs and grasping hard. Regardless of his statement mere moments before, he grimaced and slowed his hips almost to a stop. "I'm close," he whispered apologetically.

"Oh, God, me too...I'm so close, Jasper. Make me come."

This story is an incredible battle of emotions. The passion and anguish is incredibly done. Touchstone and MistressD do an amazing job.

On a vibrating scale of one to ten, this is an 11. 12 even.
My girl ACRCullen first sent me over there. She KNOWS I hate to read WIPs but told me to GO since I adore good slash and poly. I am never gonna doubt her again. This story has a lot of the emotional tug that The Trip Home had, but there's something more, something so deep. It grips you completely.

The only thing I can think of that would make this story better would be if Edward got a lil tougher and maybe got to top! OR- a Peter/Jasper/Edward poly outtake... jussayin.

If you dig slash, and maybe if you don't, this story is so stunning and so vibrant. I truly recommend it.

Please go see the girls and Escortsper and Businessmanward at

You won't regret it. Tell them RainGirl sent you :)


Bouncy72 said...

Lol, hey RainGirl. Thanks for this rec. It is a fantastic story isn't it... I've shed quite a few tears in it too. It was a beautiful rec, & truely would have got my ass running there if I wasn't already a full blown M&A addict :)

Mandi said...

Ok so, yeah. A lovely review you wrote there. I get the story has alot of passion. I cannot bring myself to read slashy yet. I dont know why. Ill get the cliff note from you RG! You and SS have great reviews that bring out the best of the story.

Bouncy72 said...

Lol, Mandi you should give it a go. It's pretty awesome ♥
Hahaha don't mind me, most of my mates on FF are non slash readers. It's just always fun getting more ppl reading it ey

TheRainGirl said...

Dude Manderz, STEP OVER TO THE SLASHY SIDE! I didn't steer you wrong with The Dom/sub/Training did I?! And MotU??? Nope, I did not! :)

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