September 22, 2010

White Blaze to Lone Star

White Blaze to Lone Star by ArcadianMaggie

Ummm.... yes please!

I found this fic on accident, trolling through some pics from RMHale and found her reference a cute boy pic like above and said it was for ArcadianMaggie's Lone Star. I then went to Twitter like a stalker to see who AM was and then looked at her FFn page. Low and behold, there's this fic about Ed camping with Em and Rose and then running into adorable Texan and lone camper, Jasper.
Enter Fuckawesome Lemon.
The chemistry is fantastic between these two. It's quick and wonderful and passionate. The only thing I could say about WBtLS to make it better would be PLEASE CONTINUE IT MAGGIE!!!

I've already asked her to and she said when she's finished with what she's working on now, she might take it back up and add outtakes. This would make me verra, verra happy.

One of my favorite parts of the story is when Pre Med Ed and Lonesome Star end up at a Mexican cantina before they spend the night in town:

"Over the course of dinner we ended up having several more margaritas apiece. I was feeling buzzed as we relaxed after our meal, laughing and talking and telling stories. I had had such a great time at dinner with him. I didn't really want the evening to end. I especially didn't want him to leave tomorrow. I stared at Jasper, watching his tongue lick the salt off the edge of the margarita glass. I was enthralled, seeing that pink tip slide across the rim of the glass then disappear behind those full pouty lips. The corners of his mouth turned up. Fuck he had a sexy smile.

He was grinning, his eyes sparkling and those adorable dimples showing on his cheeks. "Your smile's pretty fucking sexy too," he said.

I was confused for a minute then realized I must have said that out loud. Fuck I was drunk. I laughed because, really, what the fuck else could I do. I had just been caught eye fucking his mouth."

Edward is adorkable as the high strung med student looking for zen in the trails of America. Jasper makes your heart beat faster with his relaxed drawl and cute little quips. I highly recommend this story as a quickie. It's beautifully written, the setting descriptions almost make me want to go hiking, and my husband got lucky after I read it too.

All around A+!!! Go read it and tell Maggie that The Rain Girl sent you!


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