September 25, 2010

New fic- The Senator's Son

I found a new fic from my girl Wayward of Wayward Pushers, the fic rec site. She suggested that I take a look-see at amoredjenaue's story, The Senator's Son.

From the first sentence I was hooked. It's funny and passionate and lemony. The story tugs at your heart immediately and you become incredibly attached to Bella and Harper. Then you enjoy the connections with her brother and sister-in-law, Jasper and Alice and their kids. It's a mature Bella and Edward that you follow through out a year in this story. I love how strong Bella is and how great of a mom she is shown as in this story! One of my biggest pet peeves of Twilight and "canon" Bella is the annoying, whiny, co-dependent Bella. I love love love Lawyerella. She's feisty and just like, Demward, I love feisty Bella!

Another great part of this story- LEMONS! See below:

I started unbuttoning his pants when he stopped me. "Oh no you don't, you are going to pay for that little stunt earlier."

I quirked my eyebrow at him and lifted my arms, his eyes were burning when without notice he pulled down the top of my strapless dress, exposing my breasts and pushed me back against the window. Slowly he teased my nipples with his fingers and licked and nibbled along my neck. He ran his hand from my breasts down my stomach and hitched one leg around him as he reached under my skirt. Painfully slow he stroked me with his finger while his other hand made his way to my ass and he bent down and took my nipple in his mouth and bit. I cried out in pleasure.

"You're so wet for me. Tell me, what is it you want Isabella? "

Holy shit he used my full name! I usually didn't like it but it was sexy as hell coming from him like this.

"I want you."

"Hmmm. That's not good enough." He continued to lightly stroke outside my entrance, grazing my clit and never moving under my panties as his other hand made its way back to my breasts and his mouth teased my nipple.

"I want you to take me here." I sputtered. I was so turned on as he looked at me, his emerald eyes blazing and he leaned in to kiss me. I moved to kiss him back and he turned his head at the last second making his way down my neck with his lips and tongue. His hands continued their slow and painful torture.

He spun me around again and this time unzipped my dress and pushed it to the floor. I could hear clothes dropping and his belt clanging. Before I knew it, I was pressed against the window, my hot breasts smashed against the cool glass causing my nipples to pucker even more.

Edward lifted my hands above my head with one of his and his lips were on me again, sucking and licking at the base of my neck. I was dying for him, my panties soaked. I was against the glass in nothing but my panties and red heels. He reached an arm around my waist and pulled me into him tighter. Then I felt him press his naked body to mine, his erection into my ass and lower back and I instinctively pushed back into him.

He growled again and he used his knee to spread my legs open. "Is this what you want?" He said as he ground himself into me.

"God yes." His hand made its way down to the juncture of my thighs as he slowly and torturously rubbed my clit.

"Tell me Isabella, you have to tell me what you want you naughty girl."

"Fuck. Edward, I want you."

"What do you say, you have to tell me?"

"Please. Edward. Please."

Without another word he ripped my panties off and lifted me slightly and thrust into me from behind. His one hand spread across my lower stomach pulling me back into him while his other kept my hands above me pressed into the window. He pulled out and stopped.

"What do you want Isabella."

"More, please, more."

He thrust into me again and stopped. Fuck, I was so turned on, I couldn't think straight at this point, my entire body pressed against the glass, his lips on my neck and his hands holding me splayed across the window.

"More. What more do you want?"

"I want you to fuck me against this window."

With that he slammed into me and I pushed back this time, wanting to take all of him in. I clenched my muscles around him.

"Jesus. Fuck Isabella." He thrust into me again and let go of my arms. I pressed my hands against the glass to gain leverage and pushed back into him again. His hands found purchase on my hips and he pulled me back a bit bending me.

"Ung. Fuck. Edward." The new angle caused me to spasm. I knew it wouldn't be long with the build-up as he continued to thrust into me, hitting my spot over and over.

"That's it Isabella, come for me." He reached around and pinched my clit and I screamed out his name as my muscles clenched around him. Before I could even come down he spun me around and threw me back up against the window, lifting one of my legs up over his shoulder and attacking my mouth with his.

He thrust into me again and again, while his mouth devoured mine. I could feel myself crescendo. The angle was so deep; I knew I was going to come again. My leg was quivering and Edward placed one hand against the window and took one of mine and placed it over my clit. I rubbed myself, moaning wildly from his thrusts as is hand then grabbed my ass and pulled me into him.

I felt like I was going to snap in two. My legs were shaking as he slammed into me. I could feel he was close too and I needed him to come to push me over the edge.

"Edward, please, I want you to come inside me." With a growl he thrust into me two more times and spilled into me.

Yes, please!

I must say, my husband enjoyed the repercussions of this here lemon indeed!

Beyond the yummy lemons, it's just a lovely story. The connection that Amore creates is beautiful and you find yourself eagerly awaiting the match, but also, you are intrigued by the stories around them as well. I even found myself wanting more information and storyline for Rose and Em, Ali and Jazz, and all the kids.

I loved the twists and turns that Amore put within this story and it all mixed so well together with the naughty bits as well!

I highly recommend this story :) There are some great outtakes as well once you're finished with the story! Get over to to read!

Tell Amore that The Rain Girl sent you <3


amoredjenaue said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful rec! ~AMJ

Anonymous said...

Aw yay! I'm so glad you liked was good huh? :D

TheRainGirl said...

SO GOOD WAY! I'll never doubt you babe! Can't wait to read more from Amore! :)

amoredjenaue said...

You are tooooo nice! Check out my other story that I just started The Geheime Vernietiging (TGV) if you have a chance :) Thanks again!!

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