February 26, 2011

Please pardon our dust...

So we are moving some things around. As most of you know SuperstarNanna has pretty much left the fandom, not some GBCF type swooning deal, she's still my number one girl and Twife, but girl's having her third babe... that ain't easy.
She's not competely gone, she'll still be round to keep my sorry ass in line and she still loves to read. Maybe I'll convince her to do some reviewing on here. But... alas, you all get to be stuck with me.
The new layout will still have some of Nanna's stuff as well as anyone I beta for, will have links. I want to pimp out my people. I have the blessing of betaing and prereading for some incredible authors and I want to make sure I show them all off!
Until I can get it all worked out with my webmaster Waywardgirl, please be patient. I'll start posting again soon! Plus I have a new fic in the works. Darkella, coming to a screen near you!


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