April 24, 2011


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No. No. No. This can't be happening.

Why am I not dead? How can I still be alive? I remember him biting me. He started to drain me, but then he stopped. Something stopped him. But then he bit me again, then again. I could feel my blood seeping out and the weird pushing sensation as his venom crept into me, but my body revolted against the onslaught.

How am I still alive? What the hell happened? I'm paralyzed with confusion as the channels in my brain flick from panic to fuzzy details of pain to thirst to more confusion. I just can't concentrate on any one thought long enough for it to make sense. He bit me. Several times. He tried to drain me, but couldn't. Angry, frustrated, and raging, his body was coiled tight and his eyes burned into mine. I can remember the fear in my body, but then he became calm and serene. I could see the muscles in his jaw relax and his eyes soften. Thinking about it now, he seemed almost content. An eerie calm. As I think about how his body calmed, mine follows suit and I can feel my muscles slowly uncurling.

He took me away and was trying to help my pain, I remember that. Through the foggy memories I envision him crooning to me that I would be okay. His voice soothed me slightly as he assured me that I would be better soon, and not to worry because he'd take care of me. Something inside me believed him, he would help me, he will keep me safe. Where is he now though?

As I look deep into the red eyes staring back at me, I look past my reflection and realize that there is a storm brewing around the house I'm in. Rain and wind move the leaves, every piece making an individual noise, almost humming.

I can see hundreds of trees around the perimeter of the house. The wind is the white noise I've been hearing. It's billowing and then slowing, like a tide. It seems like I can hear every leaf and branch as they tremble. I can see every grain of bark on each of the trees before me and I can count each of the green and brown leaves on each branch. The wind is picking up slowly. I take in a deep breath and smell wet. Rain.

I then realize I'm standing again at the window. Looking out into the yard, I see a porch is attached to the house so I step out of the door without even thinking of opening it. As I think about leaving, my body whips the door open so quickly. My mind is racing to keep up with my body. This time, the door knob stays intact. Finding myself out on the porch, I continue forward, inhaling gulps of rain soaked air as it starts to sprinkle. I'm under an awning so I am not getting wet, but I can feel the moisture in the air. I feel the wet swarming around my skin, the rotting wood smell enveloping me. I focus on a banister on the porch. I follow the grains of wood with my eyes and then I'm interrupted by droplets of water hitting the wood and puddling together.

Thirteen drops of water fall in a matter of a minute as I stand there engrossed by the sounds, smells, and the sight of water dripping onto wood. I realize I am gripping the banister still staring at the wood and a chunk breaks off into my hand. Wow. This is just a nightmare. Maybe I'm still asleep. This is just a bad dream.

I suddenly get hit with water. It feels like nothing I've felt before, like pressure from a finger, but it is just a small dab of water along my arm. Drips of rain are starting to come in through the wooden awning as the rain picks up. It is filtering down my face and arms. It feels like a thousand feathers brushing against my skin- pleasant and intense all at the same time. I walk forward from the awning into the rain, facing it full on as the rhythm of the drops gain in tempo.

My skin is becoming wet and slick, the liquid sliding on my skin, feeling every droplet. I look down and my breasts aren't moving like they used to when I'd walk. I'm not cold even though with the wind and rain I know I should be. I stand in the yard with water dripping down my skin, soaking my bra and jeans. Looking down to my feet, entrenched in mud and grass, it feels like a new skin molding around my feet. I smile and throw my head back and open my mouth like I had as a kid to catch the droplets. The water hits my lips, tongue, and throat and I grimace. I'm so thirsty, but even this fresh water doesn't help. This is not what I want. What do I want?

Just then I hear rustling. I whip my head to my right but nothing is in the tree line. I slow my body down, but walk cautiously toward the noise. Something akin to an adrenaline rush is happening, but instead of feeling afraid, another feeling I don't recognize is easing through my veins.

As I approach the tree line, I hear the rustling again and I start to feel this strange sensation within my stomach. It's almost arousing, but then the feeling dissipates as the largest moose I've ever seen saunters through the brush of the trees to my left and continues past the trees just in front of me. I take in a deep breath, smelling the softening rain and the bull's dirty, musky smell. Then the enormous bull realizes he is not alone. His ears shoot toward me as his entire body stiffens. Something runs through my entire body as I see the strong muscles along his neck tighten with fear. It's almost as if I can smell his fear; this sweet, full scent filters into my body and combines with this feeling in my stomach and my mouth starts to fill with fluid, pooling in my mouth, with an almost metallic taste. His body readies for flight or fight. So does mine.

I'm on him in seconds. He barely takes a few steps before I'm upon him and I drain him. I don't even know how I've done it. I shove his carcass off me, but I don't stand. My body feels lax, but my mind is thriving and revelling. I feel almost high or intoxicated, almost like the feeling after several drinks but not enough to make your mind stop working.

"Well, well, Isabella." I jump at the sound of a voice and crouch down ready to attack, cocking my head to the side to take in the form emerging from the tree line. "If James could see his little pet now, dining like a pig on her knees."

I lunge without thinking and nearly tackle the familiar man with the accent looming too near my kill. I'm able to get a hold of him even though he's much bigger than me and I pin him to the ground and ready to bite.

"Ah, Ah, little one." He says calmly as he throws me down above his head and I land on my back with a crack. My feet have knocked a tree into the others. He stands astride me, his feet on either side of my arms. "Calm yourself, little girl. I don't want to kill you."

"Who are you? I know you. Why are you here?" I say with a much stronger voice than I expect. I knock his feet out from under him and push myself up at the same time, leaning down over him with my hand at his throat.

He gives me a little smile and I realize I'm not in danger, strangely I trust him, so I let go. "Well, my little one, I am... your Uncle Laurent. We met once before. I've come to train and retrieve you. I see you've already had a snack." He ways his hand dismissively toward the moose carcass. "How pathetic, your first dining was a piddly, little beast rather than a proper meal."

"I, I, I don't…" I can't find the right words. Part of me wants to say "I don't eat meat," but that would be stupid. "I'm not hungry." I manage to lie. I realize I am not hungry, but very, very thirsty. I find myself standing face to face with the beautiful, terrifying man looking at him straight in the eyes. His eyes glowing red, but not as red as mine were in the window. My body calms at seeing someone who looks like me.

"No, little girl, you are not hungry." He rolls his eyes and I feel like I should be flushing with embarrassment. "You are thirsty. Don't be insolent. We will teach you how to hunt correctly. Do not belittle yourself by drinking from the toilet like a dog. There's a campground about 15 miles east. We'll feed there." He waves his hand in the direction that is due east.

I shake my head furiously. I'm arguing both Laurent and my own instincts. I want what he's offering. I desire his offer with every fiber of my new being. My mouth fills with a metallic, sweet taste. "I'm a- a vampire?" The words stick in my drought infested throat as all the pieces click into place.

He smiles widely, "Come, pet. We will go and see what we see, yes? You have to fulfill your desires and we shall have some fun as we go. We need to meet your liaison." His words confuse me. He claps his hands twice; I'm distracted by the droplets that free themselves from his damp gloves. I watch them as they drift and soak into the ground, my body moves without me realizing.

I run beside Laurent for miles, silently warring with myself. I know I shouldn't trust him, but he's familiar, he's not hurt me, he says he wants to help me. There is something deep down, a familiar voice, warm and safe, telling me not to follow. But I can't help my body, instinct takes over. The tickle of thirst is creeping back up my throat and I am driven by this feeling inside me that Laurent will take me to my home.

When we get close, I can smell them and my mouth waters as though I haven't eaten in years. I hear pounding through the trees along the damp ground, farther behind and to the west. It's moving quickly, one, no two. I look to Laurent as we run and he waves his hand to slow. My body wants to propel me toward my food, the aching in my throat nearly unbearable. He grabs my wrist to pull me to a stop and I growl and throw him hard against a large tree that snaps against the velocity.

"Good girl," a voice from behind me startles me. I toward it, but no one's there. I crouch ready to attack when I hear, "No need to get fussy, beautiful. We won't hurt you." The male voice is so familiar; my senses perk at the thought of another familiar face. As he comes into view, his face is so beautiful, so angular, and so very familiar. The dark, flaming eyes that smile from the sea of green remind me of something, an emotion stirs in my belly.

Part of me wants to run from him and part of me wants to run toward him. Following him is a radiant, flame-haired girl, she too familiar. Her mouth is screwed up into a snarling smirk. She does not look friendly. I look to Laurent who has righted himself and is adjusting his jacket.

"Now, now, petulant child, is that anyway to treat your uncle Laurent? And to behave so badly in front of your liaison. Shame."

"Liaison?" I ask looking between the men, avoiding the glare of the woman.

James. I remember his name, steps in front of me, his eyes moving from my feet slowly over my form eventually landing on my face. He places his hands on either side of my head, bringing my gaze solely to his. "We are your coven, Isabella." He begins to circle me slowly. "You are mine, little one. I am your maker. I created you. I will care for you. Don't you feel it?"

I quirk my head to the side not understanding his words. I feel nervous, thirsty, anxious, ready for something. He coos again as though he's speaking to a spooked horse. Coming to a stop in front of me, his hands raised up toward me, "Do you feel that pulse? That throb? The feeling inside you that tells you who you belong to?"

"I feel thirsty." He laughs.

"Of course you do, my sweet new flower. And you shall feast. Just beyond these trees are some nasty little poachers, they've been hunting and killing all the live long day. Now, it's our turn."

I start in the direction he pointed in. "Ah. Ah, my sweet." He steps in front of me and a low growl emanates from inside me. "I know, my pet. You are thirsty, aren't you, love?" I nod as he steps closer keeping eye contact. "Your belly is empty and hurting, yeah?" I nod again more fervently feeling exactly as he describes and his face warms me, so concerned. "You feel that burn in the back of your throat, that grinding feeling of your insides, begging you to take what's yours? You want it. I can give it to you, my girl." He will help me. He will comfort me. Growling, I'm growling.

"Shhh, little one." His hand brushes along my hair then down to hold me by my neck. It's soothing to my burning body. "Just wait a second while we get ourselves ready. We all deserve to feast, but we know you are the thirstiest, so please, take as much as you want. No survivors."

I think I hear a grumble from behind me where the other two stand, but I cannot take my eyes from James'.

He looks toward Laurent and the red-head, then nods with a devious grin then they all split apart. I feel myself shaking with desire and need. I'm still not sure what I need, but James wants to give it to me and I want to take it. A warm, sweet scent hits my nose and my mouth fills. I let out a whimper then grip my hand against a low hanging tree branch and snap it off completely. I want to snap everyone around me like the branch, starting with the red-head who keeps giving me evil looks. I could snap her in half.

"Off we go." James jumps into action and I quickly take him in easy strides. I can hear him compliment the way my body moves. I smile then focus back on my task. Hunt.

I pinpoint exactly which one I want.

I'm on him in a half-second, feeling in my very bones my need for him.

He smiles at first. "What do we have here?" He says delightfully surprised.

Then he says nothing.

His screams echo through the trees mingling with the bellows and begging from the other men.

For a mere second I am saddened by the man's gasping sob, but then I am relieved when I tear him open and begin to drink.

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