April 3, 2011

My new fic- Banner and Teaser!

I could vividly see that I was too late and that he had drained her, she was pale and cold and the spark that once lit my soul had gone out with her life. Because I could not read her mind, I would never know what her last thoughts were. I was not close enough to read his mind, but Alice was close enough behind me and we are so in-tuned that I could see it all in her mind.

Remembering the prideful, satiated look on his face as he gripped her lifeless body with his disgusting hands caused my non-existent blood to boil harder I was revolted by the visions in his mind. My life was over anyhow. Without her, I had nothing. She was my life; she was the blood that kept me alive, she was the beat within my heart, and she was the reason I thought I had a soul.

Without her, the world was the blackest tomb. I knew I wanted revenge. It was the only thing keeping me from sacrificing myself to the Volturi wrath, giving myself an easy death was not what I wanted. I was told to let it go by Bella herself in her letter, but who just lets go of the one part of life that was worth living? Who can let the person who took your life away go on with no repercussions? I cannot. So he will pay.

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Ayden Morgen said...

I love it! I'm definitely lining up to read this one, lovely. Can't wait!

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